01-06-2016   Update - loads of activities happened in the last year, as there was the latest production with Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges at Oerol festival 2015 at the beautiful island of Terschelling; then the summer open air concert series with Sommerloft in Berlin 2015; the last series of Musica! by Philharmonie Zuid Nederland; several short international tours with different artists; lots of local work both in Rotterdam and Berlin; and spring 2016 we did a 2,5 month theater tour again with Jens van Daele's newest performance Over Onze Vader.

06-03-2015   From March 6th till May 2nd on tour with About Lucian, the intense and beautiful new performance of Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges.

20-01-2015   Per today welcomed a Midas Heritage 1000 24+2 console. Also a mini Soundcraft EPM8 was added to the gear list.

11-11-2014   From this date on a new series of Musica!, a music-educational program for schoolchildren in the south-Netherlands. A production of Philharmonie Zuid Nederland.

02-08-2014   Today Dakha Brakha played a great show at the Off Festival in Katowice, Poland. The crowd went straight through the roof!

12-06-2014   Yesterday the first Sommerloft open air concert at the Escobar, Badeschiff Berlin with a sold out show of Dave Hause. It was an awesome night! For more upcoming shows see

11-04-2014   Gromkost site finally online!